It is actually a unit of weight. In older times, weavers could measure 10 denier to correspond to a fiber including 9000 meters which would weigh 10 grams, in other words, a very fine and light fiber. Tights woven with 10 denier fiber will therefore be very thin and transparent. Thus, the lower the denier, the thinner the pantyhose; conversely, the higher the number, the thicker and more opaque the tights.

Now enough with math ! Nowadays, although the denier scale of the pantyhose remains the same, it is almost only used to quickly visualize what type of pantyhose is on offer. To see its opacity, its solidity, its warmth.

Number of denier Characteristics
 10 Naked effect tights, almost invisible, breathable, gives a slight sheen to the leg while remaining transparent. The thinnest, therefore the most fragile.
12 to 15 Made of fine materials, for a transparent and chic look. Sometimes shiny, sometimes matte, depending on the model.
20 Still transparent "veil" like tights, but more covering than 10 denier. Remains delicate in its material.
30 Semi-transparent, tights with which you start to feel a slightly shaping effect, perfect for in-between seasons, in fall or spring!
40 Tights with more marked opacity, this style provides  more coverage for the legs.


The one you want to wear on chilly days. The fabric is thicker, denser and darker on the legs. This is the most common denier count for solid colored tights or patterned tights. It combines finesse and perfect opacity: a significant fashion asset! It can also, starting from this denier by going up, go to the washing machine (in pocket, with your delicates).


Also called "velvet" tights, it provides a feeling of softness on the skin.

80 and more

The most opaque, therefore also the warmest, thickest. Luxurious looking tights that completely cover the legs. So you can wear a skirt in winter!


One rule to remember : favor models that are low in deniers in summer, with medium denier in-between seasons, and with high denier in winter. With this knowledge in mind, it is now possible to wear tights all year round ! Long pants will remained unemployed, and our shorts, skirts and dresses will be overjoyed !


Legs in Miss Lala Anna navy tights on white background

Our most versatile

ANNA – 30 denier : The Anna is as soft as a cloud and super comfortable. It is also made from an innovative fiber that speeds up the garment's biodegradation process ! Don't worry, these tights won't melt on you the first time it rains, they're simply made from the innovative biodegradable polyamide AMNI SOUL ECO®, made to break down faster at the end of their useful life. And rather than cluttering up the landfill for decades (like standard nylon), it will decompose in three to five years under standard landfill conditions. Absolutely versatile, these semi-opaque tights are a classic among our classics.


Image of a woman wearing Albertina black tights by Miss Lala

ALBERTINA - 50 denier : Albertina black tights are ethically made in Italy with sustainable recycled polyamide Q-NOVA®. They are 50 denier semi-opaque with a soft texture and a matte finish. Also available in navy blue.





Woman wearing Josephine navy opaque tights by Miss Lala

Our warmest

JOSEPHINE - 80 denier : Josephine tights are ethically made in Italy with sustainable recycled polyamide Q-NOVA®. They are 80 denier opaque with a soft texture and a matte finish. They keep you warm during cold seasons. Available in four classic colors, this garment will match perfectly with any outfit in your wardrobe, whatever your style.




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