We are Miss Lala, an environmentally conscious tights brand that offers a range of sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical, but above all ultra-comfortable products. Behind Miss Lala, there are us, Emilie Duchesne and Sebastien Bergeron, co-founders, lovers, parents-entrepreneurs from Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada.


In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic put the world on hiatus, we asked ourselves what we would like when it is behind us, the after. From there was born the idea of creating a company which would put forward our values, and above all, which would help to build a more eco-conscious world, by thinking a little, a lot, of our children.

More than ever, in the age of fast fashion, this industry is leaving a significant ecological footprint. Since we must dress every day, let's say it called us. We thought that this way of doing things could change and so the idea of Miss Lala was born.


From the start, we therefore wanted to offer you comfortable tights, with a timeless look, quality and which respects your values. There was no question of mass-producing, under miserable conditions, clothes that were immediately worn, immediately thrown away. It doesn't look like us. It doesn't look like you either, does it? Yet this is often what the hosiery industry has to offer.

It is therefore with great pride that we offer you our eco-conscious, timeless, and ethical collection.


We took our time, tried tons of combinations: new, recycled, natural and biodegradable fibers ... with our motto in mind: comfort, respect for the environment and human beings.

We have opted for comfortable, versatile, quality tights, made from recycled and innovative fibers, in a range of timeless colors from non-toxic dyes, certified OEKO-TEX®️ Standard 100, and made in Italy, by people treated fairly.


Miss Lala's tights collection falls into two main categories: innovative fibers and industrial stock surplus.


The recycled fibers we use come mainly from industrial production waste. These industrial wastes, which would be destined for landfill, are instead recovered, and recycled. The resulting recycled materials are traceable and come from ethical sources.

The technique used to recycle our polyamide avoids the use of chemicals or the addition of petroleum in the recycling process. Thanks to this innovative process, CO2 emissions are reduced by 47% and water consumption by 39% per kilo of material compared to a nylon fiber produced from new materials.


When landfilled, our biodegradable nylon is eliminated from the planet in about 3-5 years, while other fibers take decades to break down. Like other biodegradable products, once landfilled, our innovative polyamide breaks down into organic matter (biomass) and biogas. These two elements can then be used as new environmental resources and to generate electricity.

Don't worry, our biodegradable tights won't deteriorate when you wear them. They only decompose when sent to landfill in an anaerobic environment.
* The process can take up to 5 years in anaerobic condition.


To counter fast fashion, and because we try to help reduce waste at every stage of the production and distribution chain, we have created The Shelter, a selection of surplus stocks from industrial inventories carefully chosen by Miss Lala. Great quality and low price in limited edition.


The design and colours chosen for our collection of tights are thought to survive over time. We have chosen timelessness for our models because we perceive it as a factor that contributes to the durability of our tights. They go with everything, and that's good because you'll want to wear them over and over again.


From the manufacturer to us, our products mainly travel by sea. Although far from perfect, transport by boat is nevertheless a better solution than rail, road, or air transport if we compare their respective CO2 emissions.


Our packaging is minimalist, recycled, recyclable and plastic-free. They are designed and printed in our beautiful region of La Mauricie, Quebec, Canada. Because collaborating with our friends, entrepreneurs, merchants, and local talents not only thrills our community, but further reduces our carbon footprint.


We work with people and companies who share our values. Renewable energies, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water use and wastewater treatment, innovative fibers from ethical sources, etc.

All our partners are, like us, committed to a process of continuous improvement and employ people treated with fairness.

Our mission is simple: to create tights that you will proudly wear every day.
Because dressing shouldn't be part of the problem.

Emilie Duchesne

Co-Founder, CEO

Sebastien Bergeron

Co-Founder, Director of Operations

Olive Bergeron

Princess and heiress to the throne

Miss Lala is an ethical clothing brand and much more! Our tights are knitted with Italian finesse and know-how. Absolutely comfortable, they coordinate with everything! It's perfect because you'll want to wear them again and again. Quality, comfort and ethical fashion. This is us. This is Miss Lala

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