Our Green Mission

Our Green Mission

Miss Lala: Eco? Yes but how?

Let's face it, the production of new nylon fiber for the fashion industry leaves a significant ecological footprint.

From the very beginning of Miss Lala, we wanted to offer you comfortable tights that look fabulous, but most importantly that contribute to the solution rather than the problem.

Mass producing, under miserable conditions, clothes that were worn and immediately thrown away was simply out of question. It just didn't feel like us.

We took our time, tried tons of new fiber / recycled fiber combinations with our motto, comfort and environmental consciousness, always in mind.

Nothing is perfect, but we are constantly looking to offer you tights that are more and more sustainable and innovative without compromising the comfort and quality of our products.

For our first collection, we chose to work with recycled fibers.

The recycled polyamide fiber we use comes mainly from selected waste from the manufacturer's main production. These materials could not have been reused as is and are thus recovered rather than becoming industrial waste. They are traceable and are ethically sourced.

To obtain our recycled fiber, the materials recovered at the plant are mechanically remelted, thus avoiding the use of chemicals or the addition of crude oil in the process. By doing this, we cut CO2 emissions by 47% and reduce the water use by 39% per kilogram of product compared to textured polyamide fiber made from virgin polymer.

We also believe in the timelessness of our tights as a factor that contributes to their durability. Developed with great care, the design and choice of colors of our tights are designed to survive time. And that's a good thing because they're so soft and comfortable that just like us, you'll want to wear them over and over again.

From the manufacturer to us, our products travel mainly by boat. Although far from perfect, transport by boat is nevertheless a better solution than rail, road or air transport if we compare their respective CO2 emissions.

Oh and also, our packaging is minimalist, recycled and recyclable, plastic-free and designed and printed in our beautiful La Mauricie. Because collaborating with our friends, entrepreneurs, shop owners and local talents not only thrills our community, but it also further reduces our carbon footprint.

In short, our mission is not much more complicated than bringing you the highest quality tights and trying to do it better, for the environment, one garment at a time.

Hope you like them as much as we do.

Miss Lala packaging with green leaves
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